Who we are?

LA TECNOGALVANO has over fifty years’ experience in the sectors for traditional galvanisation and surface treatment of metals and plating on plastic, offering integrated solutions for galvanic processes, systems and services for analysis, research, design and technical consultancy.
A wide range of products, in particular innovative galvanic processes with environmentally-friendly formulas, can be used in numerous fields from technical applications (valves, sanitary fitting, HVAC, devices for the food and automotive sector) to the decorative sector, plus the electronics and printed circuit industry through our subsidiary, Index 2 S.r.l.

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The first revolutionary response to galvanic treatments and finishes.

Trademark, property of La Tecnogalvano. An environmentally-friendly alloy coating.

T.E.A.+® process is a valid alternative to classic nickel, nickel+chrome and electroless nickel plating for the food industry (drinking water and food) and for industrial sanitary fitting, taps and valves.



TEA PLUS® is included in the “4MSI Composition List”.

TEA PLUS® is approved by the he German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt - UBA) and is included in the "4MSI Composition List".
As it is known, this positive list defines the metallic materials approved in the member states of the 4MSI group (Germany, UK, Holland, France, Denmark), as suitable for use in contact with drinking water.
At the following link you will find the revision of the “positive list” , where on page 40 there is the inclusion of our Sn / Ni coating among the "Platings"


TEA PLUS® is NSF/ANSI 51 Food Equipment Materials approved.

NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation) is an independent international organization that develops quality standards to protect health and the environment, whose NSF/ANSI 51 standard establishes the minimum requirements of public health and hygiene for the materials used in construction of food equipment and components for applications in contact with food. These requirements are based on US FDA regulations and are intended to ensure that the composition and surface finish of the materials are such as not to adulterate the food in contact.


What are the advantages of T.E.A.+®?

It is highly corrosion resistant in strong acidic or alkaline environments: thicknesses of 2-4 µm withstand NSS, ASS 96h and CASS 48h salt spray tests.

It fulfils the limits imposed by international standards for drinking water:

  • EN 16058 rig test (26 weeks)
  • NSF 61 section 8- pH5 Commercial hot (82°C) for taps, sanitary fitting, HVAC
  • EN 16889 for professional coffee machines and other “food zone” devices

It allows semi-bright coatings to be obtained, which are extremely passive, with excellent guarantees of resistance to wear and free from micro-cracks.

PROCESS Tea Plus Ni-Cr Basic material (Brass)
Ni in H20 release LOW HIGHT LOW
Pb in H20 release LOW HIGHT HIGHT
Resistance GOOD GOOD LOW
Internal deposit GOOD HIGHT N/A
Homogeneity GOOD HIGHT N/A

Where can it be applied?

Ideal for application in the following sectors:

  • Drink water and food (professional coffee machines and vending machines)
  • Sanitary fitting, HVAC
  • Decorative

t is applied directly on copper, copper alloys and nickel, white bronze (T.E.A.®B), silver.

It is also used on mechanically satin-finished surfaces or with satin nickel bases.

EXCELLENT RESULTS: semi-bright coatings which maintain the colour intact, resulting in the desired decorative effects.

Copper Teaplus

A concrete example are the coffee machines


How does the process take place?

T.E.A.+ ® can be applied in rack and roto barrel galvanisation.
The processing stage and the parameter values vary depending on the type of application.

First stage: ultrasonic chemical degreasing - electrolytic degreasing.

Second stage: neutralisation.

Third stage: application of T.E.A.+®.

Fourth stage: final drying of article.


Temperature: 50 – 60 °C

Voltage: 0.3 – 1.5 V

Current density: 0.1 – 4 A/dm2

Coating time: 20-50 minutes

In addition to supplying the process, LA TECNOGALVANO also performs T.E.A.+®.
A highly technological galvanic pilot system started up in January 2019. With fifty years’ experience in supplying galvanic treatment processes, services and consultancy, La Tecnogalvano is able to perform plating processes based on different requirements, guaranteeing quality results. Tests and analyses available at its RUVECO LAB